Momentum is a European based movement of kingdom minded workers that serve in different ministries and have a heart to support the Church in evangelism, discipleship, church planting and church development projects. All this to advance the gospel in Europe and beyond.

Momentum is a movement of people that are passionate about impacting society with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in a way that is understandable to Europe’s postmodern youth.
Momentum wants to network in order to encourage fivefold ministry* partnerships in missional, local and unificational projects. Momentum is connecting spiritual fathers and sons in mentoring relationships as well as recognizing and developing leaders.

The Momentum Movement = missions conferences + outreaches + follow-up ministry + evangelistic and missionary support network.

* Momentum recognizes that all five core ministries which according to Scripture are given to the church are essential to the ministry of the church. The church needs people in apostolic, pastoral, evangelistic, teaching and prophetic service.


Our Vision

To make strong disciples that make disciples in every area of society. For achieving this, we:

  • Help the standard of the church regarding missions, evangelism and disciple-making to be raised.
  • Help the church show God’s hand and shine His light to the people around us in the many contexts of our daily life. For this, we run cces, training workshops, missions outreaches and ministry exchanges that allow the believer to experience Jesus in other contexts.
  • Equip and encourage Christian youth to give their lives for the extension of the Kingdom of God and find their place in what Jesoing worldwide.
  • Model Christian lives that do not compromise the Scriptures
  • Train and inspire to serve in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Remind the Church that we will only win Europe for Jesus through a united effort and leaving our denominational differences in a secoe of priority.
  • Support evangelism and church planting in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Organizing training conferences and subsequent short-term mission outreaches in different European cities is a main focus for Momentum>
  • Connecting ministries that are expressing God’s mission in different ways and with different target groups is a high value for Momentan>