Platform for evangelists
and disciple makers

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We are a platform for ministries that are passionate about advancing the kingdom in Europe and beyond.

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Evangelistic outreaches

Let’s bring one of our teams to your city to do an Outreach with other local churches for a bigger city impact.

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Mission Trips

Our Missions Trips are impacting and inspiring. Join us to manifest God’s Kingdom together while being trained on the Go!

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Church Revitalization

Jesus is Life... always increasing and able to renowate the Church like Acts 15:41! He brings new strengths and dynamics. Do you want this?

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Church Planting

Do you want to start a living community among a group of people or at a specific location? Let’s do it together!

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Bible Studies

The Word is light on my path


The heart of spiritual fatherhood

Inner Healing

Free from oppression & wounds


Be trained to do the same


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Training Days

Our training days take place in different locations for action-oriented leadership & discipleship training

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Our Apostolic Teams pray and go to new cities to preach the Gospel and start discipleship groups. Where do we go next?

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Online Teachings

We love the Word of God. Our teachings aim to model 2 Tim 2:24 and train teachers that live what they teach.

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Teachings & Inspirational videos

Watch teachings from our disciple makers who make disciple makers, and check what is happening in the field


It is the power of movement and the strength gained by motion. We need momentum in Church today, an impact from God that empowers, equips and mobilises His people. God is raising up a generation of young people that will manifest his Kingdom and make church relevant in Europe.

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