We break it down into these 4 programs as an answer to the main needs we identify among our brethren nowadays.

1.  Bible Studies

Most christians are not regularly exposed to deep expositions of the Bible. The earnest search of biblical truth seems not to be a priority. We find the Word of God to be a light on our path. Not ignoring the Word nor the Power of God will help us stay way from mistake.

2. Mentoring

The enemy is intentionally attacking the institution of marriage. Strong godly families raise godly children. Providing biblical mentoring is our way to break the spirit of orphanhood that oppresses many.

3. Inner Healing

Jesus has a deep affection for those who suffer and experience abuse. Jesus came to give us life in abundance and we are all into that. We train disciples to help others to walk in freedom by processing wounds and lack of affection.

4. Disciple-Making

The heartbeat of our service is to obey Jesus and to teach others to do the same by following and loving Him. We train disciples to share the Gospel and to disciple people in their circles of influence. Jesus sets you free to set others on Fire!

Let’s stay always on fire and on the go!