How to pray more than 10 minutes

Our wish is that you and your team live a Spirit-led prayer life, that you hear His voice and join Him in thankfulness, in praise, in intercession and in deep intimacy. Nevertheless, some times new disciples struggle with prayer. They don’t manage to have deep prayer times daily.

This small chart is to be seeing as a very basic list of ideas to include in your prayer time and in your times listening to the Spirit after your read the Bible and let His word sink in your heart.

The left column gives ideas for coming to Him with thankfulness and praise for what you have seen Him do yesterday in you, for you and through you. Take time to go through each! “Jesus, thank you for what you have transformed in me and for this and that you tought me yesterday, thank you for what you did for me! And thank you for having used my life to bless x person, to touch x family, to love & train x person, etc…

The middel column is about you TODAY. Start by asking Him “Jesus, how am I?  How do I feel?”, and the follow with getting His answer for you through His voice and His word. In the upper part you let your words go out to God in any way possible, expressing feelings, revelations, emotions anything that is to be given to God. In the lower central part you take time to listen to His voice, to ponder in His heart and write down what He gives you.

The column on the right starts by asking God to move His arm. This is called intercession. You partner with God by praying for His light, justice, healing, etc. to impact a region, people group, family or situation. It is awsome to see all those spiritual rockets of love being launched by Jesus to restore and help people!  There’s also an area for you to pray for specific people that God puts in your heart and that come to your mind today. The lower part is for walking in His will. There are many unimportant things that take so much of our time everyday. Thos things distract us from the very important things – spiritual and practical ones. Write the important ones there and keep them in mind so you don’t spend the time on the smaller ones before getting to do the ones that you consider more important.

Even better: creat your own prayer chart. Modify this and make it better!… and please send us your ideas 😉

The following image is a great idea some friends gave me. They have a box/container with names of friends written on ice-cream sticks (let’s call it “recycling” haha). Every morning they pray together as a family for those names that ramdomly are chosen when they reach out in the box.

How to pray more than 10 minutes